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Self-efficacy encompasses so much. The belief that you can do is the bedrock for everything, the key to agency and
I had the pleasure and privlige of visiting Greece over the past few days, hosted by Dr Christine Tokatlian of
I've just attended an extraordinary conference and had the most wonderful conversations with people from across the world. Time to
Resonance has been a recurring theme for me over the past year, and this particular piece of music has afforded
I spent months working on a cello piece composed for me by Jill Jarman. She wrote it with the intention
single chocolate cupcake with a green candle in it. On a table and on a red mat.
I am 49 (well nearly – in a matter of hours) and I’d like to offer a short celebration and
small pumpkin with a metal collander with a lot of pumpkin seeds in it. You can just see an apple in the top left corner.
Sometimes the little things matter, and they either make or break a day. Today a little thing considered nothing by
tree rings
(this was inspired by a post by Ben Wurdmuller that he shared as 'a note on being alive'. I wrote
My latest research published in a special issue on Psychometrics and Psychological Assessment. You can download the full text HERE
Me? I work hard. I play hard. And I am pleased to be me. My 25th High School Reunion is