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Life & Learning

I spent months working on a cello piece composed for me by Jill Jarman. She wrote it with the intention
single chocolate cupcake with a green candle in it. On a table and on a red mat.
I am 49 (well nearly – in a matter of hours) and I’d like to offer a short celebration and
small pumpkin with a metal collander with a lot of pumpkin seeds in it. You can just see an apple in the top left corner.
Sometimes the little things matter, and they either make or break a day. Today a little thing considered nothing by
tree rings
(this was inspired by a post by Ben Wurdmuller that he shared as 'a note on being alive'. I wrote
My latest research published in a special issue on Psychometrics and Psychological Assessment. You can download the full text HERE
Me? I work hard. I play hard. And I am pleased to be me. My 25th High School Reunion is
woman swinging on hanging monkey bar rings at beach. Wearing a red shorts and top and pink gym shoes.
Earlier this month I was in Los Angeles (to give a TEDx talk - more on that in another post!)
woman playing cello, wearing a red dress and with a music stand in front of her
This is the recording of Laura Ritchie and JP Ekins performing the Rachmaninov Sonata on 7 May 2022
This is a story of what the professor (aka 'me') does when the students are away ... It's been a
This afternoon I was a guest speaker at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, speaking to the string