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Cymatics Research Article

image of the note D3 produced with cymatics

Image of the note D3 produced with cymatics

I spent months working on a cello piece composed for me by Jill Jarman. She wrote it with the intention of using cymatics to enhance the music and the musical experience. I made that happen first in a concert in the UK and then in my TEDx talk in LA in June 2022. I recently wrote up the whole process and explained the science behind what I did. You can read it, see example images, and listen to snippets of my performance with and without the cymatic images.

The article appears in a special issue on ‘Special Collection on Contemporary Auditory Ecosystems and Innovative Musical Contexts: Insights into the Aesthetics and Perception of Sonorous Objects’ in the journal Music & Science. My article is all on cymatics and how I used it to make music accessible in a more multi sensory way. You can read it here: Multisensory Music performance with Cymatic Images

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