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Time to perform!

A smiling me playing cello, with smiling accompanists, playing on a lovely old piano in a beautiful modern chapel, with the setting sun on teh back brick wall.

As a cellist, I love to perform. On May 19th I gave a recital at the University of Chichester, and I must say that for me it was a great treat. It had been two years since my last full recital, and it was definitely time to put together another programme…

Here are some performance extracts:

Messiaen’s Louange á l’Éternite de Jésus from the Quartet for the End of Time:

and the end of the Boccherini Sonata (because that was fun!)

I love being able to perform in that space and with the ever lovely 1876 Steinway Fancy D piano. This piano was built differnetly. You can still see the imprint of all the new patents on the iron frame, and there are noticeable differences besides the ornate carvings on the legs. The triple stringing extends for an extra octave, and has one and a half tonnes less tension on the frame compared to a modern piano. I very much like its velvety sound with the cello.

Here’s the first movement of the Francoeur Sonata:

and a movement from the Bach Suite…

I very much enjoyed the programme

There was more music including, Cassado, Boccherini, Mark Summer’s Julie-O, and Jill Jarman’s Resonance, which came with a full explanation and demonstration of cymatics. Afterwards I was properly exhausted in a very good way.

For someone who teaches, does research, writes books, runs everyday (have you seen my TikTok’s 😉 ), being a performer for a night is a great treat, and I might just do it more in the coming year. Challenges are good!

I would like to extend a very big thank you needs to be extended to my MA students who accompanied me, Mahya Mahroomi and Shoko Shinjo. A special thank you goes to Carmen Kew and he husband for all their help with setting up and running the event. I could not have done this without you. Thank you to Andrew for taking the photos! You are all amazing, and I am very appreciative of you!!

… As for me, now? I think I might go learn some new music now, especially as I have a killer thumb callous. That’s a cello thing, and it would be a shame to waste! 😉

areal view of the concert on 19 May. Laura is playing cello, being accompanied on piano, and there is a view of the audience. The chapel is looking lovely, with the setting sun on teh brick work on the back wall.

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