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#MUS654 How to participate

In this Open Music Course

is an on-line open music course, with no formal registration, and no previous requirements to participate. You are cordially invited to join us for any amount of time, for all 10 of the sessions located in the dropdown menu above, or for any specific session you like, and participate as little or as fully as you like!

6887661414_6e3cffc44d_z (1)These pages also serve as supplementary material for my real-life course at the University of Chichester where undergraduate music students are learning to be professional private music teachers. Their end goal is to make a 1-year curriculum for their student(s). Each of the activities is designed to make you think, to give you experience with teaching and learning, and to develop you as a musician and a teacher.

Image CC-BY-NC by Peter Lee

Pick and choose aspects that interest you and interact with me and others in the wider musical community. If you do everything, you’ll be busy for hours and hours! This course was originally put online in 2014, and every year I move the session pages to the next year’s tab… adding content, links, and more ideas for activities.

We read, discuss, make, play, sing, create, blog, tweet, and form connections with others about music and learning as we work to create a curriculum. Music is one of those subjects that is very individual, and some of the best resources are YOU, the people in the world.

Below are some basic suggestions/guidelines/hints/advice for positive, productive, engagement:

12974507155_bbc3bdfffb_zCC licensed

Respect others always.

  1. Listen, and observe.

    Comment when ready.

    Remember your Ps and Qs

(that means please and thank you)

as my mother would say… Decorum.

 be patient:

with others and with yourself

If you are unsure…             ASK!

I love to reply!

*Please, nothing nasty*

Genuine critique, encouragement, and inquiry are all welcome.

make things happen…

14802546843_a8f33a9ba0_zCC license

…don’t just dance around the subject.


You can blog, tweet, email, or even send a letter in the post!

as often as you can

Tag everything!

is what we allow it to become



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