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Cello Weekend 2015

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The Cello Weekend is an annual event at the University of Chichester bringing together cellists of all ages and abilities in a two-day programme of music and activity.

This is the 9th Cello Weekend!

Everyone participates in the large cello-orchestra, and there is a programme of various workshops and masterclasses across the two days that includes:

This year we welcome back Rosina Mostardini.

  • Her masterclasses were thoroughly enjoyed last year and we look forward to working with her again. Rosina studied with Frank Miller and Hans Jensen and collaborated with Hans on the ‘Fun in Thumb Position‘ technique book. She has taught at Suzuki Institutes all over the country and Canada, and studied Suzuki and Cello pedagogy at the Chicago Suzuki Institute and with Gilda Barston. She has taught widely across the Chicagoland area and has presented masterclasses at colleges in the US and Canada. Rosina has many arrangements for string quartet and cello ensemble, which have been performed all over America. Rosina will be giving classes on both days – one day of public performing and workshopping, and one day for participants to present their material in a more private-lesson setting.

2015 Workshops:

How straight is your bow?

  • This is a technical workshop presented by me (Laura). I also toyed with calling it ‘Bowing around the corners’. This gives us a chance to consider the mechanics of bowing and how we apply these within different musical settings.

Working with an accompanist.

  • This session is presented by Chichester’s Head of Music and Media, Ben Hall. He is a fantastic musician and as an accompanist and ensemble player, few show the nuance and sensitivity that he does. He creates space for expression and truly works with his musical partners.

Freeing your sound. 

  • This session is tailored specifically for cellists. Maria O’Donnell is a professional therapeutic yoga practitioner who specialises in rehabilitative practice. The session is not about becoming stretchy or adopting strange poses, but will made us aware of how we, as cellists, use our arms and bodies to create our sound and express through music.

All of the workshops will have something to offer for cellists of ALL levels.

If you are interested in joining us, send me an email… registration is still open.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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