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MUS654 2017 Posts

There is something romantic about playing a musical instrument, but practice? The emotion, getting caught up in the moment, it
Listening, and thinking on the way music creeps under your skin to make you move... I spent this week thinking
Talking with a number of different instrumentalist: An ukulele player, bassist, violinist, clarinettist, and a singer about #MUS654 topic of
Melody is something that speaks to people. It sings, it moves, it has meaning. I was musing over this as
I was thinking about melodies and the #MUS654 topic of 'what makes a melody?' when I remembered about the lyre bird.
It's the beginning of this year's #MUS654 and we're looking at all things sound for this week. Under the #MUS654 tab
I love learning and I love teaching, and I love to make things fun. My classes started last week and
It's the start of another academic year, and I have just welcomed a new group of wonderful final year students