This is the day. Here I sit, pre-dawn at the same kitchen table as every other day, tawny owl hooting
I'm sharing a smile today, because I have one to share and I can. The other day I made music-
You know, I wake up early. All summer I caught the sunrise and it was wonderful. There is something truly
The past week has been increasingly turbulent as the start of the academic semester approached. Lots was happening in my
Oh COVID, what times are these - yet how very lucky I am to be here in this place. This
(2 min read, 4 minute listen. Trigger warning - death mention) Sometimes I wake up in the night. Someone recently
Yesterday something extraordinary happened. I was asked to run a session for colleagues at my university on learning and teaching
Every Thing. It's a sentiment I keep coming back to, keep waking up with, keep telling others, keep reminding myself.
On Friday 18th October I presented a talk and performance entitled 'Learning Out Loud' as my inaugural professorial lecture, which
Yes, I did 100 days and I'm still going... I've been at this Kodaly for a while now and