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Research Lab for Self-efficacy, Performance, & Agency

Self-efficacy encompasses so much. The belief that you can do is the bedrock for everything, the key to agency and at the heart of human endeavour. It makes dreams real. I innaugerated my research Lab for Self-efficacy, Performance, & Agency just before the summer (in May) with the wonderful Bandura book launch event with Dr Daniel Cervone from UIC. This was an incredible event with opening words from Dr Mary Bandura. Dr Cervone gave us a comprehensive overview of Professor Bandura’s contribution and importance. There was a sense of honour, respect, and certainly of carrying the self-efficacy torch forward. You can watch the talk HERE.

As the academic year begins, I look forward to new celebrating completed projects, people thinking thougths, learning from new voices, and sharing findings and insights. That’s what it’s about! The LSPA research lab houses a range of disciplines and projects and demonstrates a view into the multifaceted life we – as performers, as creaters, as free agents of thought – lead.

What’s coming up at the research lab?

I’m launching a guest speaker series and this semester look forward to welcoming two fantastic speakers:

Keep an eye on the website for dates! Events will be free for all to attend, and yes, where possible they will be livestreamed.

So join me!

Collaborate, attend, comment. Join the conversation because you can!

They are self-efficacy words to live by  – Yes I Can ! (and so can you!!)

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