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Yesterday was a long travel day. Actually I'm not sure it still isn't yesterday - or maybe I skipped forward
Looking back gives an amazing simplicity to things. You know, hindsight - it's the concept of rear-view mirror culture McLuhan
person wearing reindeer hoodie standing in front of glass sided chapel
I write about 'yes' a lot, I wrote a whole book about 'yes', and there's a lot of positivity in
box of baking mixture, christmas tree branches in background.
It's the time of year when people think, reflect, take time - to do things, be with people, and to
image or person smiling, wearing sunglasses and sport hat. Field in background
I woke up early (that's before 5am kind of early) to the sound of THERE'S SMOKE IN THE BEDROOM, THE
woman conducting orchestra
On Wednesday evenings I meet with extraordinary people for an hour and a half and a wonderful byproduct of that
mis-shapen pieces of chocolate cake with white icing and sprinkles on
This is actually about something I thought was really not perfect and quite incomplete. Subtitle: 'my cake is not beautiful'.
I'm sure you've had moments marked by a compliment like 'well done', a sticker, star, certificate, applause... yet these aren't image of Laura Ritchie's talk
You can see the video of my TEDx talk from May 15 on HERE or on YouTube below. As
Laura holding a copy of her book
I was very pleased to give this workshop seminar on writing my book for the International Federation of National Teaching