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#el30 posts 2018

For the final week of #el30 I would like to consider some of what Stephen Downes presents in his intro
This hour was my first in depth experience with Amy Burvall, and with aspects of her backstory. It was Stephen
Be creative. go. That's the hardest. We once had 'guests' who came and sat on the sofa (for several days)
Last week Stephen held an open hangout for his class #el30 and I had very much hoped to join. In
I just blinked. Did I miss it? Actually I experienced that blink. I know I think a lot, and with words,
I love a good think. #el30 has felt like a lovely stretch. My mind feels exercised.  I am rubbish at
This week's #el30 topic is community. This is my second post on the topic and I'd like to begin with a couple
This week's topic in the connected learning course #el30 is Community. Stephen introduces this in the course newsletter. I began
This post is about a badge I designed called the 'Connected Learner'. In the world we are all connected, but
Recognition is this week's topic for #el30 and the abstract asks two very different questions: How do we know a
This is a very short post for the class #el30 about completing one of the tasks to do with resources.
I am behind in #el30 and these notes are for the videos for the Resources topic (which is just being
This is a technical post in response to the useful provocation Stephen provided with his video for #el30 exploring Yubi
I did it! Got out the metaphoric gardening gloves, and dug around to figure this graph business out. I'll admit
(6 min read) "Who are you?" the small child asks, looking up with curious eyes. I am a growing fractal,
This post is in response to the question asked by Frank Polster in his post about the conversation between Stephen
This week's hangout/web chat on the #el30 course happened to be at a time I could tune-in. It was a
Stephen has tasked us all with creating a graph of some sort for #el30 this week. Questions that came into
It's coursework day for me and I did two things: Watched the video on Applications, Algorithms and Data: Open Educational Resources
While watching the discussion between Tony Hirst and Stephen Downes as part of the cmooc #el30 (my other posts are
Today I took advantage of that extra hour when the clocks went back and everyone else was asleep and got
This week in the connectivist course #el30 Stephen Downes spoke to Shelly Blake-Plock, Co-Founder, President and CEO - Yet Analytics. They
Learning and understanding learning is one of my favourite topics and I love tinkering with how people think and what