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#el30 posts 2018

What makes us human?
This post is in response to the question asked by Frank Polster in his post about the conversation between Stephen
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Graph #el30 Week 3
Stephen has tasked us all with creating a graph of some sort for #el30 this week. Questions that came into
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Containers (part 2) and Harvesting feeds in #el30 Week 2
It’s coursework day for me and I did two things: Watched the video onĀ Applications, Algorithms and Data: Open Educational Resources
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Building with learning #el30: Week 2
While watching the discussion between Tony Hirst and Stephen Downes as part of the cmooc #el30 (my other posts are
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Installing gRSShopper for #el30
Today I took advantage of that extra hour when the clocks went back and everyone else was asleep and got
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