What is it?

A live-streamed, 24-hour interactive performance of Herbie Hancock’s Chameleon

Led by Nick Reynolds, Head of Jazz at the University of Chichester, Co-organised by Laura Ritchie, Professor of Learning and Teaching (live links at the bottom – scroll down!)

When is it?

#Jazz24Live coincides with International Jazz Day:

30th April 8am – 8am 1st May, 2019 (BST) at the University of Chichester, UK

Yes, that’s 24 hours of one song.


We’re raising money to help Nevin Avenue Elementary, Los Angeles, to help them set up a multimedia green-screen room. They have excellent students and cash is more than tight in that area. Nick and Laura have worked with the school and they were so impressed with the ethos of the students and teachers, they wanted to do something to help, even from across the pond.

Get involved:

Join the performance live or remotely from around the world or sponsor us (we are raising money after all)


  • Sponsor performers
  • Sponsor time slots
  • PLAY! Live or via online link (live or pre-recorded)


You can support this project by donating any amount.

  • There will be cash buckets on the day.
  • Sponsor the organisers Nick and Laura as they do the full 24 hour stint.
  • Sponsor the performers.
  • Sponsor the cause of Nevin Avenue Elementry’s dream of a green screen room

To donate click here

you can select any amount from £1 to £50 (picture shows the page –>)


Want to perform? We need soloists!

Nick has organised a rhythm section (bass & drums) for the full 24 hours. If you can offer some time as the lead player/group, please email:

Nick Reynolds or Laura Richie You can see the available slots via this google doc.

Choosing a solo slot:

A minimum of a 30 minute commitment is suggested for soloists, running every half hour. You can select more than one slot if you like. The 24 hour duration means there should  be some time that works for you wherever you are in the world.

  • If you are a soloist visiting us via video link or a pre-prepared video, please play at 100 mpb in the original key. You can either send us a video or be prepared to link in on the day. 
  • If coming in person, please feel free to stay as long as you are able, and know that you are not required or expected to solo the entire time of your slot.

How will we keep together if via video link?

Well, we’ll be using a world clock and playing to a click that resets each half hour. Yes, there is lag in video, so you can’t trust your ears. People will be ‘visiting’ via a big TV and the room (with TV on the wall) will be live-streamed. Laura is sorting the details, and yes she’s getting lots of professional advice!

Audience members are very welcome to attend the event for any length of time. Come and support the performers!

Spread the word! We love sponsors, players, and audience members.

Watch it LIVE on this link:

Jazz24Live (starting at 8am)

Every 3 hours we have to do a new link for the live-stream… here they all are:

Jazz24Live 11-2pm 30 April, 2019

Jazz24Live 2-5pm 30 April, 2019 

Jazz24Live 5-8pm 30 April, 2019

Jazz24Live 8-9:30pm 30 April, 2019

Jazz24Live 9:30-11pm 30 April, 2019

Jazz24Live 11-2am 1 May, 2019

Jazz24Live 2-5am 1 May, 2019

Jazz24Live 5-8am 1 May, 2019

Want to know more about Chameleon?

Here are some links: (know of more great resources? email us and we’ll add them!)