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Thinking – in words

I’ve just attended an extraordinary conference and had the most wonderful conversations with people from across the world. Time to go home, and I find myself walking through Warsaw airport, feeling a sense of quiet on my lips, and somehow that translates to my thoughts. I have few thoughts and I am aware they are in English, and I don’t understand the words spoken around me.

Then I wondered…. how do our thoughts get organised into these words – like sand forming patterns when the frequencies hit the harmonics of the cymatic plate, do our thougths gather and crystalise into the words we understand – in our own languages? Are there harmonics that just need expression so much that they find a way out – into our words?

I’d like to think that whether you think you are musical or can dance or are a poet, that we all have such a need to express, to create, that we find words and communicate.

Sometimes, ironically, when we name things as ‘music’ or ‘art’ or… it makes it somehow scary or elite or inaccessible.. yet we all communicate – and in fact are – are all those things we sometimes think ‘can’t’ or ‘won’t’. I love that we do without realising it. -and what would happen if we only realised that we did, and could? Not to become professionals, but just to join in the dance, swim in that river of creative life a little more freely. (I did some laps in a pool for the first time in years yesterday, and I surprised myself by loving it.)

Thoughts, words, communication, connection with others – I certainly don’t understand how it works. I just know it’s extraordinary and I am so pleased to participate in the conversation.

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