My Graph #el30

I did it!

Got out the metaphoric gardening gloves, and dug around to figure this graph business out. I’ll admit that the thought of making a 2D representation of me as a graph did not instantly appeal, but I also realise that there is HUGE benefit to seeing other points of view, and to learning how to make something both accessible and enticing. Although the result is not rocket science, I got there. šŸ˜€

I’ll take you through my process, ending with a 2 min video demonstrating my graph.

First I searched – I use a non-google search engine called Start Page and this is what it gave me:

I didn’t like the look of the first few results, but did like the sound of the open-source tool called Gephi. After watching the intro video and checking it was reliable, I installed it and went about finding a tutorial video. I tend to do a sort of multi-screen thing where I watch, and do at the same time- with a lot of pausing and toggling back and forth. I did open one of the test data sets that comes with the programme just to look at the layout, but shut it quickly and inputed my own data manually. I did not import a file.

Here’s the result!

The resources I used are all linked below:


Tutorial Video

I am pleased that I did it and thinking in this way is not what IĀ thought was my default, but I simply needed to reorient my approach and then I was away. I do think in a connected-up way and whether the output is on screen or in motion in the air, chances are there is both a method and mode of representation that is accessible and useable.

next time round I’ll learn how to use the output function šŸ˜‰ …this was a start!


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