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#HEAOpen is here!

Embracing Open Learning


Today’s the day!

I’m running a day long workshop for the HEA at my uni (University of Chichester) and in the spirit of the title of the day I thought I’d include the schedule and the info I’m using/sharing with the people attending. The schedule is below – please feel free to join in. On Twitter we’re using the hashtag #HEAOpen and there will be other ways to connect as well throughout the day. You’ll find a link to my slides HERE. I’ll be tweeting links throughout the day- so follow along! I’m @laura_ritchie on Twitter.

10:00 Arrival

10:30 Welcome

10:45 MUS654

11:00 Twitter, websites & blogs

11:45 Listening in and reaching out: An audio interview with Howard Rheingold (part 1) Read more

It’s Week 2 #MUS654

Time flies – must be having fun! It’s time for Week 2 of #MUS654 and this week is all about melodies. Tunes. Songs. Have a look, listen, and explore the tasks. Share and let’s get some comments going!

Last night’s webinar via google hangouts was fun (you can catch up and watch it here) and at next week’s hangout on Wednesday 23 September at 6:00pm BST we are in for a treat- Duane Padilla (who features in this week’s page) is going to join us from Hawaii!! Beside being supremely amazing of him to make the time for us – it will be an astonishing 4:00 AM for Duane!

On that note, enjoy the Week 2 content about ‘What makes a melody?’ and I hope to hear from you – via comments, Twitter, or your own blog page.


Photo CC-BY-NC by Joe

#Muisquality update

I was interviewed yesterday about the project – you know – this whole co-learning California recording music adventure that my students and I are going on – and I asked the people (who were from the International Office at my Uni) to please film a bit on my phone… The interview is going to be made into a 5 min description of the project – interspersed with photos from our fundraising efforts to date, and some of the things that have crossed the pond between learners.

This is what was on my phone:

We are going to launch a big fundraising campaign – a crowd sourced one, but in the meantime my students are writing to companies faster than I can type myself. It is hard work, but SO inspiring.

And just to report, so far they have repaid £593.68 of the bill for the airplane tickets. That is money received – there is more pledged. -Long way to go yet, but definitely not bad going!