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It’s Week 2 #MUS654

Time flies – must be having fun! It’s time for Week 2 of #MUS654 and this week is all about melodies. Tunes. Songs. Have a look, listen, and explore the tasks. Share and let’s get some comments going!

Last night’s webinar via google hangouts was fun (you can catch up and watch it here) and at next week’s hangout on Wednesday 23 September at 6:00pm BST we are in for a treat- Duane Padilla (who features in this week’s page) is going to join us from Hawaii!! Beside being supremely amazing of him to make the time for us – it will be an astonishing 4:00 AM for Duane!

On that note, enjoy the Week 2 content about ‘What makes a melody?’ and I hope to hear from you – via comments, Twitter, or your own blog page.


Photo CC-BY-NC by Joe

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