#HEAOpen is here!

Embracing Open Learning


Today’s the day!

I’m running a day long workshop for the HEA at my uni (University of Chichester) and in the spirit of the title of the day I thought I’d include the schedule and the info I’m using/sharing with the people attending. The schedule is below – please feel free to join in. On Twitter we’re using the hashtag #HEAOpen and there will be other ways to connect as well throughout the day. You’ll find a link to my slides HERE. I’ll be tweeting links throughout the day- so follow along! I’m @laura_ritchie on Twitter.

10:00 Arrival

10:30 Welcome

10:45 MUS654

11:00 Twitter, websites & blogs

11:45 Listening in and reaching out: An audio interview with Howard Rheingold (part 1)

12:15 A demonstration of connection: Blog exercise

12:45 Posting

1:00    A ‘Net’-Working Lunch with the students

1:45    The value of extended networks: comments and feedback

2:00    Collaborative connection: from apps to articles

2:30    Twitter chat/Hangout http://bit.ly/1NiHGXV

3:00    A group tweet: A few more words from Howard Rheingold (part 2)

3:15    Hosting a hangout

3:30    Plenary: reflections on the day

HEA logo landscape

featured image by Opensource.com CC BY-SA

(note added after the event) All of the tabs used in the day were compiled by Vanessa Vale and shared HERE

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