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#HEAOpen is here!

Embracing Open Learning


Today’s the day!

I’m running a day long workshop for the HEA at my uni (University of Chichester) and in the spirit of the title of the day I thought I’d include the schedule and the info I’m using/sharing with the people attending. The schedule is below – please feel free to join in. On Twitter we’re using the hashtag #HEAOpen and there will be other ways to connect as well throughout the day. You’ll find a link to my slides HERE. I’ll be tweeting links throughout the day- so follow along! I’m @laura_ritchie on Twitter.

10:00 Arrival

10:30 Welcome

10:45 MUS654

11:00 Twitter, websites & blogs

11:45 Listening in and reaching out: An audio interview with Howard Rheingold (part 1) Read more

Thinking time!

It’s thinking time in MUS654!

We should be working on Session 7, but you know what? People needed a bit of stepping back and thinking, so I added a page and we have delayed that session for a week. 

Photo byIan Foss CC BY-NC-ND

In this class, MUS654, through these pages, the goal (if you do them all, and especially if you are one of my face-to-face students at uni) is to build a curriculum for a learner. but…

I haven’t yet talked about what a curriculum is.

What does it look like?

What can it be?

So I’ve added a page about curriculum.

Don’t worry – I am not going to tell anyone exactly what or how to do things, but with this page, I encourage you to read, think, and discuss.

Here’s the new page:

Thinking time: What is a curriculum anyway?

If you missed our hangout last week, we spoke with our special guest Jonathan Rees, tuba performer and teacher form London, and we were also joined by Rob Murray from Music Academy for Schools. You can catch up here:


There is NO hangout this week (sorry!), but we will start up with hangouts again on Nov. 4 at 6pm GMT.

If anyone would like to join us, please get in touch!

We’ll pick up with Session 7 next week, where we start to explore planning a rationale and relating some of these concepts about curriculum to music.

In the meantime, happy reading!


It’s hangout time again!

Yes, it’s nearly Wednesday again, and that means it’s time to look forward to a Google Hangout for #MUS654 at 6pm BST. This is when I invite a guest to discuss aspects of the week’s topic with me, my students, and you. This week we’re thinking about study material. What is it we use to learn in music? Is it something from a published book? Is it something else? How do we devise it? (photo CC-BY-SA by daryl_mitchell)


Our guest this week is joining us from Switzerland. Ralph Stelzenmüller, a native Burghausen/Salzach, studied organ, church music and directing at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. He then completed his postgraduate studies on harpsichord and organ at the Schola Cantorum in Basel, studying with Jean-Claude Zehnder. For three years, he held a lectureship and taught music history at the Athanor Akademie for theater. In increasing demand as both a player of basso continuo and as an accompanist for Lied, he has performed and taught throughout Europe and South America, working with many of the great names in Early Music, including Anthony Rooley and Andreas Scholl. In 2005 he founded his own ensemble, Combassal. In 2010, Ralph took up the postgraduate organ scholarship at the University of Aberdeen, where he is writing a PhD on the development of the basso continuo in England.

We’ll be talking with Ralph in a few hours: Wednesday 7 Oct, at 6pm BST and you can watch HERE. Feel free to join us- you can always email, comment, or tweet either to join us live, or to add something to the conversation with the #MUS654 tag.

Santana on the cello for #MUS654

It’s a Week 2 update and today I did the task of playing a melody on a new instrument. (It’s not fair if I ask people to do tasks if I’m not prepared to do them myself, right?) So here we go…

Last night I decided to play the beginning solo from Black Magic Woman by Santana on my cello. It is just meant to be an experiment, so see what you think. I found a backing track online here and the tab (I cheated!) and got going. Here’s what happened:


I’m looking forward to talking with Duane Padilla about melodies in this week’s hangout tomorrow at 6pm BST. He is a master at learning from other instruments and of learning new instruments. You can drop in on the hangout and watch on youtube

or contact me for a live link to join in the discussions in real time. You are more than welcome!

#MUS654 Our first Hangout!

Announcing the first Google Hangout for #MUS654!

Happening today, 16 September at 6:00 pm BST. If you would like to join us, please contact me and I’ll send you the link to participate in the hangout. Feel free to watch and contribute via Twitter using the hashtag #MUS654

We’ll be talking about the first week – thinking about sound, setting up blogs, and how it is to be a musician and think and communicate about different musical processes and topics.
Join us!