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The picture not taken

This morning on my run I often take pictures and post them (here), but sometimes I see something and want to take a picture, but just cannot bring myslef to do it. This morning there was another of those – the picture not taken. It wasn’t because I didn’t have a picture taking device; I had my phone (aka personal camera & computer) in my hand. It was because I just couldn’t bring myself to break the perfect scene and interrupt someone else’s moment by invading with my gaze.

It doesn’t mean I didn’t notice. I did. The pictures not taken have burned their images into my mind and made a memory. I’d like to describe a few of them and maybe you will be able to see a shadow of the moment in your mind too. -they are all scenes of the summer, and that means they are endowed with a little bit of magic.


1. The woman reading in the van, and her dog.

As I run, I go around the water’s edge for a mile in one direction and then I stop and look at my favourite tree – a big cedar, and I imagine it tells me of all the things it has seen, knows, the long view, and then I run back along the water’s edge. Read More »The picture not taken