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It was there, waiting

I find stories in my life, and they teach me. This is one of those.

Every morning I prepare the lunches, not because of any female stereotype but simply because I have more time because of a shorter commute than others, it saves us money, and it means we eat good food. Lately I’ve been buying apples on offer – £.79 for 6 British apples. That’s ok?

Today I stopped in my tracks and thought – why? Why am I buying apples when I have more than a shelf in the fridge FULL of apples that I picked? (some of them are for cooking, but there is a shelf full of eating apples)

I went to the fridge, opened the heavy burlap-esque carrier bag and looked in. Sure enough the apples were there, waiting. The one in the photo that is cut is one of them. I picked it in October. I chose that apple, went to the tree and through effort, reached, climbed, shook the tree to get that apple. I only chose the good ones and I took the care to store them well so they would last and could feed us for a long time.

-and then it lay forgotten. under cover. on the shelf. (literally)

So here I am, looking at something that has waited to be noticed, and it was right in front of me. 

Today when I eat that apple I will enjoy it. I’d say that I will think and dream – but dreams are things in the distance that sometimes we wait for. No more waiting, sometimes things sit on the shelf for far too long – rather like… (cue the crunching sound of biting into an apple) 🙂

Hope your Monday is filled with moments of noticing what’s right in front of you.