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It was there, waiting

I find stories in my life, and they teach me. This is one of those.

Every morning I prepare the lunches, not because of any female stereotype but simply because I have more time because of a shorter commute than others, it saves us money, and it means we eat good food. Lately I’ve been buying apples on offer – £.79 for 6 British apples. That’s ok?

Today I stopped in my tracks and thought – why? Why am I buying apples when I have more than a shelf in the fridge FULL of apples that I picked? (some of them are for cooking, but there is a shelf full of eating apples)

I went to the fridge, opened the heavy burlap-esque carrier bag and looked in. Sure enough the apples were there, waiting. The one in the photo that is cut is one of them. I picked it in October. I chose that apple, went to the tree and through effort, reached, climbed, shook the tree to get that apple. I only chose the good ones and I took the care to store them well so they would last and could feed us for a long time.

-and then it lay forgotten. under cover. on the shelf. (literally)

So here I am, looking at something that has waited to be noticed, and it was right in front of me. 

Today when I eat that apple I will enjoy it. I’d say that I will think and dream – but dreams are things in the distance that sometimes we wait for. No more waiting, sometimes things sit on the shelf for far too long – rather like… (cue the crunching sound of biting into an apple) 🙂

Hope your Monday is filled with moments of noticing what’s right in front of you.

3 thoughts on “It was there, waiting”

    1. Being sharp
      Being sweet
      A great apple
      Can’t be beat.

      A lot of life’s moments are a source for writers, artists and other creators. Creative types often notice them, but sadly, not always. In fact, such folks often beat themselves up for missing an opportunity.

      The good news is that life isn’t going to skimp on providing those moments.

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