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Pivotal Moments & Goals

Over the past month the Earth has handed us a pivotal moment. Two months ago each of us could say: ‘I had plans to…’, whether that be an everyday activity or a career aspiration. We are interested in whether the global events of the past two months have impacted your attitude toward your planned goals.

This is the opening paragraph of my current research study. I invite you to consider completing the questionnaire.

I am very much hoping to gain insight about the perspective of people across the world from all walks of life.

The questionnaire has gained Ethical Approval from the University of Chichester, and is 100% anonymous. The first page gives all the details & information for you to give informed consent before completing it (no names, just a tick box). There are four main questions, asking you to think about your goal then and now. Overall it should take 5-10 minutes of your time.

Here is the link to the questionnaire:

Thank you!


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