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There’s a mouse in the house

Oh crap. Not again. I thought of titling this ‘unwanted visitors’ but at this time of crisis in the world, I did not want to allow for misinterpretation. We DO have visitors and they (the people) are most welcome and wanted. However, I feel very differently about the rodents I found this morning IN MY KITCHEN.

For anyone who knows me, or anyone who read my post yesterday, you probably know that I live opposite a magnificent field. In fact this morning looked like we are one day away from the magic sunrise just behind the Cathedral. This was my view from 6:42 – 6:44 today:

It is pretty awesome.

I admit that when I run out the front door (rainbows shooting out of my early-bird eyes) I *sometimes* absentmindedly forget to shut the door – yes, even when it’s cold out.

In our household people wake up early, and the smell of coffee, breakfast, and the billows of warm air must be appealing to (for lack of a less desirable word) rodents. -and I’m learning that rodents can be smart. They seem to figure out patterns and use them to their advantage- Like, for example THE DOOR IS OPEN AND THERE’S A WARM PLACE WITH FREE FOOD.

Oh fork. Forking hall.

Now we have mice. Not even mouse. Mice, and big ones.

I went into high hear and built a ‘defense’ by the side of the fridge of whatever we had – wheatabix box, plastic bags, found the spare yoga mat fit in the gap well, but when I turned away to get something else to build that wall higher, they still get through.

This was really not what I asked for today. I really don’t like little (or big) scuttly things (8 legged ones are worse than 4, but when you can actually see them look back at you the number of legs stops mattering).

I did get brave and open the fridge, but there was one INSIDE just looking at me. ! I heard they get everywhere, but really !!

The last straw, and the one that relegated me back to my bedroom with the door closed, under two duvets (yep, that’s where I’m typing) was what I found when I went to put the clothes in the dryer. (our dryer is in the kitchen – it’s a UK thing). Holy unmerciful mice, this was the rodent king, looking at me smugly like he just belonged there. <– See what I did just there – that thing was so big I gave IT a person pronoun.

Do not like. 🙁

I hope I’m safe in bed for now. My big children will save me. They can deal with the mice – I’m not sure they will fit in the humane trap (the mice) and beside, they ate all the peanut butter (the children).

Let’s hope the rest of the month is better.

Mouse peeping out on top of my fridge defense
Mouse IN the fridge.
Giant mouse in the dryer



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