Keynote: University of South Wales, Creative Industries Conference

What a pleasure to be invited to talk here. It is always with a combination of anticipation and excitement that I go to a new place. I was invited by Celia who is wonderful. She reminded me last night that we had never actually met in person. wow. We worked together on a project a couple of years ago, and we got to know one another – funny how online and face to face can bleed into one. It was lovely to meet in person and share time together.

The keynote:

The programme advertised my talk as something about student efficacy and resilience, and yes, I talked about that and about learning – learning out loud. (my chosen title) About 100 sat in the hall’s plush red raked seats. What great colours and a great design for the space, just what you would hope for from a university boasting an array of wonderfully creative programmes. The full keynote is embedded below and the slides have also been uploaded separately, here.

I owe a special thank you to Margaret, my volunteer, who risked learning in public and played beautifully. As a presenter, while I was speaking, I wasn’t sure what the general audience thought. They were listening, and it wasn’t until afterwards that the thoughts came out. Individuals said things as we passed in the corridor and met over coffee – there was connection, and just like the tapestry of connectivism that I talked about, it was wonderful that for each person, they took something slightly different, as related to their practice. I am very greatful for the chance to be here today. Thank you Celia for taking the risk and inviting me. Without the limitation of time, if I had all day I would like to say so many other things… On some topics I only alluded to the tip of the iceberg. Good thing I’m an explorer and I can guarantee I will keep walking and climbing, and falling down and getting up, and definitely connecting.

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  1. Arthur Oglesby

    At first I thought your cello case was a prop. It looked smaller than the chairs but was color coordinated with them. I was amazed when it grew to full size when brought to stage front.

  2. tutormentor1

    I’ve followed you on Twitter via the #clmooc group and on Mastadon, but this was first time I heard you make a presentation and play the cello. Very impressed with both. Thanks for sharing.

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