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Your musical moment … a call for contributions

What makes you tick, musically?

(2 min read) Was there a moment, an experience, perhaps a person or meeting that really inspired you – that’s what this is about. Over the past few weeks my students and I have been exploring different topics having to do with music teaching and teachers an engaging with it specifically through Twitter – it’s a nation-wide, cross-discipline project called Connecting Classes. Every week we have been listening/watching pre-recorded material on a topic and tweeting our notes, comments, reflections, and questions. As a class we may have a topic that relates to our specialism, but the discussion is open and outward facing, and in doing that we grow our discussion, reach, and consider the wider views of other professionals, practitioners, people.

People like you. You are important.

We learn from books, but we learn more (I’d argue) from engaging with people. (yes, a book can be someone’s voice and I love books. Not knocking books – I even wrote one 😉 )

The point is that what you have to say is of value and we’d like to hear from you.

My students always have a say in shaping what we do, and this coming session is a prime example – especially as it happens after they hand in their final assignments. We decided we weren’t done, so we’re doing more – and they decided they wanted to celebrate the things that inspired us to commit to music, and we would like to extend the invitation to contribute to the topic more widely. so…


Musical Moments:

What made you say yes

decide to start pursuing/learning music….

decide to stick to music?

The Call:            what makes you musically tick?

7145915573_6718035aab_zWe are looking for anonymous audio recordings with your story or moment (no names or identifiable references – so I wouldn’t mention a particular university or school’s name). No more than 1 minute long please. You do not have to be a professional to participate. If you love music and there was a pivotal moment, you qualify! If you know someone with a great story or moment, please share this with them.

When you record your file, please send it to me: mail (at) lauraritchie (dot) com or send me a link to your file (and I can download it so we don’t have you identified by the link!

Recordings can be accepted from now until Wednesday 4th May (May the 4th be with you!) 10pm BST. Image (cropped for this post) CC BY-NC-ND by amanda tipton

That gives me time to compile them into one file, upload it, and get it ready for our class on Thursday 5 May at 2:30 pm. You’re invited to join us as we listen to this celebration of musical inspiration together and tweeting – still using the hashtags #CClasses and #IVTchat (that’s Instrumental / Vocal Teaching chat)

For those of you following our class, sorry we keep changing our times – we have to fit in with recitals and exams 🙂 And when people want to come to an extra session, I don’t mind a bit of time juggling!

Featured image shared CC by-NC by K ~

2 thoughts on “Your musical moment … a call for contributions”

    1. 😉 I’m getting excited about putting together all the clips – love celebrating good moments. Thanks for sharing the post Maha!

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