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What a wonderful world

Today I was inspired. I woke up to a fantastic video posted by my friend Duane Padilla. He has done things for me on my MUS654 music course- recorded videos, and chatted to us in one of our hangouts – he is an all round inspiring musician. Today he shared this video of himself playing a multi-track version of ‘Let it Snow’ using an app called Acapella.

Duane discovered this app right after it was released and spread the word quickly – basically it lets you record multi-track 1 minute videos for free. He had sent me a happy birthday track a week ago, and I have been mentioning the app to my students and other musicians, and I kept thinking to myself… the next time I have a ‘free day’ I should have a go with that app…

Today was that day! My aim was to do the first minute of Louis Armstrong’s live performance of ‘What a Wonderful World’. Here’s what I ended up with:


Thanks for the inspiration Duane!

This first effort goes to Charlotte, who asked me to play a song for her. 🙂


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