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Linking it up: #MUS654 Week 4 is here!

This week is all about connection, and starting to engage with joined up thinking. The topic of Week 4 in is ‘Studies and Connecting Material’. As usual, there will be by-the-book thinking and perhaps some personal experience to use as a basis for thinking about what makes a study or étude. My goal is to challenge your thinking and also to begin to connect up the dots. Remember, those in my physical class are creating a curriculum and after having considered the basics that comprise sound and how we produce that on instruments, the orientation of that sound through scales – now we are ready to get into thinking about the learning.

This afternoon (1pm BST) we’ll be listening to and tweeting about the three interviews on the #MUS654 Week 4 page and that will be the catalyst for thinking. I hope you join in and have a think about how you learn, teach, and begin to join up the dots in music making.

As you go through the week, Tweet, blog, or email me – we’re using the hashtag .We’ll be having another Google Hangout next Wednesday 7th Oct. at 6pm BST to discuss the week and any topic that we have covered so far, and you are more than welcome to contribute to the conversation. If you missed last week’s hangout where we talked about scales, you can catch up here.

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