Soundscapes! MUS654 Week 1

Photo CC-BY-NC by Amber Case

This week in I challenged people to explore how they listen by making a soundscape and seeing if others could figure out what or where it was. Last year I made this:

Soundscape 2014

which tells a story… have a listen and see if you can guess it. I hope there are some pretty clear clues to at least part of it. I’ll walk you through it to explain the idea, and then give you the two I made for this year to see hear if you can be a detective and put together the pieces. LISTEN TO THE LINK ABOVE BEFORE READING ON!

In last year’s recording (the link above) I walked across the (very) squeaky kitchen floor to get an apple out of a bag, walked to the sink and rinsed it, got out a plate and a knife, cut the apple, and ate it!

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 10.54.31

Could you get that from listening? Most of it? Some of it?

Well, you’re ready for this year’s challenges!

Here are the two short recordings I made for today.I am not a tech whiz, these were recorded on my phone, transferred to Audacity, and then converted to MP3s before uploading them to Soundcloud. If I can do it, you can too! Each is different and the only clue I’ll give is that the first one is one place, and in the second recording I am moving- so I take you to hear different sounds that are found in the place I chose.

Have a listen and please comment with all the things you can hear – even if they are guesses. I promise there is nothing unpleasant on the audio… all ordinary things… and then in a few days I’ll post the photos that reveal the settings. It’s like a game!

We can chat about soundscapes, the processes of listening, and anything else from Week 1 at our first Hangout:

Wednesday 16 Sept @ 18:00 BST (GMT +1)

to be involved, email me!


  1. Andrew Wooder

    I’d say that you’re in a school maybe in their cafeteria, because of the clinking plates? for the first one.

    Second one definitely a tractor as Pete said, and you’re outside by a road with the birds and children and wind, but I can here rattling and the wind is strong going past you, and all the voices go by fast as well, so I’d guess you’re riding a bike 🙂

    My one’s linked in my website by the way 🙂 wasn’t sure how to tag it on the site.

    1. Post

      Great stuff! Have a look at the photos that ‘reveal’ the answers… I’ll have a listen to yours and see how well I can guess!

  2. Pete

    To me the first one sounds like a café because of the young children and the metal/ceramic clinking in the background. Possibly a kitchen if you had lots of people over.

    Second one sounds almost like some sort of tractor driving past. You must be outside as there are birds and wind in the background, so maybe you’re walking through a field/by a river?

    Don’t know if any of that is even remotely right but worth a guess!

    1. Post

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