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MUS654 Overview


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MUS654 is a course to get you thinking about, around, with, and through all the things you do as a performer and as a teacher so that whenever it happens that you are teaching (or learning yourself) you have the tools to structure a supportive and full environment in which to learn. It is a bit like baking…. you learn about the properties of the ingredients before you go rogue and make profiteroles from scratch. That gives a snapshot of insight into how the topics were chosen, and the content that you create will be highly individual. The huge resource is in reaching out to the community, because there are both a lot of teachers and a lot of musicians out there – and there’s no sense reinventing the wheel all by your (or my) self!

Feel free to take part in what you can and take from it what you want.

Topics at a glance…


1. The mechanics of sound

2. What makes a melody?

3. Scales and the relationship of notes

4. Studies and supplemental material

5. Repertoire

6. Technical issues

7. Planning a rationale

8. Phrasing and musicality

9. Demonstration lesson

10. Interlinking issues

11. Final projects


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Each topic will have its own page to get the cogs turning. The point of it all is to give a holistic view that can then be honed to suit individual teaching and learning circumstances. Gotta think of all the bits before you can put it together if you want it to stick.

I have contributions from performers and artists from around the world that I am in touch with. You may think – hey! what about that?? – and you are probably right. The list is not the end, but just the beginning. So if you think there is something or someone (to interview or link with) who would make a valuable contribution to a session, then please get in touch!


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