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A Community of Consensus

I love a good think. #el30 has felt like a lovely stretch. My mind feels exercised. 

I am rubbish at following set rules, and in that vein I have come to write this post four times and left the screen blank each time. Here goes.

Some reflections on #el30 so far

My experience is one of value. I value the ‘nobody knows you’re not a dog on the internet’ principle. Everyone in #el30 has come to it with an openness and, yes, with a layer of trust in the way they have been willing to engage with concepts that are not their specialism and post about them. The nature of the topics chosen for each week means that nobody will be ‘expert’ in all of them, Read More »A Community of Consensus

Value of Creative Education

@laura_ritchie modelling our own practice as creative educators in different medium @HerefordArtsCol 

—Sarah-Jane (@sarahjfc) 20 September 2017

I felt privileged to be there. Really, it was moving. You reminded us of what we do and sometimes as teachers we forget- Seeing him get it and the look on his face. When he looked at you like that, that is what it’s all about. Witnessing that learning happen was really something. -Holland Otik

What was this all about? I was invited to speak at the Hereford College of Arts 10th Annual HE Symposium to speak on ‘the value of a creative education’.

Read More »Value of Creative Education

It’s not about the money

This morning leafing through the pages of blogs, articles, tweets, I came across something that I needed to write about. (5 min read)Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 08.50.37

So the government is going to measure graduate worth in terms of the cling of coins. Cold hard cash. That strikes a really unsavoury chord with me. Read the Times Higher article HERE. I am hopeful that the data collected will be used with insight and reflection on a variety of circumstances and factors. It still raised a reaction in me.

Let me tell you my story.Read More »It’s not about the money