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From Chorister to Professional: A Father’s Perspective

Today I had the pleasure of talking to Scott Waddington about his son Isaac, a professional singer-songwriter. This interests me from both the angle of making it within the music industry and from the perspective of learning and teaching in music. Isaac’s skill as a singer, pianist, composer, and someone who can work have carried him through. He has been fortunate to have a family setting where he was both supported and allowed to explore and pursue his chosen avenues.

In the interview Scott gives a snapshot of where Isaac is now, and then explains the path of his musical education. He talks about the impact of a suggestion from a stranger on becoming a chorister, and the journey to London studios and the profession. Scott describes some of the challenges Isaac navigated to get to where he is today. Have a listen to the 22 min interview below.

At the end of the interview he mentions a couple of current projects. I’ve embedded the Cadbury’s advert and the track Someone Like Me below so you can have a listen.Read More »From Chorister to Professional: A Father’s Perspective