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Penny drops and the light stays on

I finally understood it.

What’s it? One of those uber-famous quotes that isn’t really a quote at all, but someone must have said it sometime:

‘A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle’

You know, it’s been twisted into any number of wall-hangings and greeting cards, and I’ve heard it generally used as a thank you to describe a random nice thing. -and yeah, I get it, one candle can light another one and stay lit. Fire is one of those things you can literally pass on the flame (just think of the Olympic’s opening ceremony) and it is very moving to see the transfer and the impact of physically carrying the flame in the Olympic torch across the world.

Other things work like that too, but it is more difficult to see the impact with something like laughter, or even with ideas. Often we don’t see the impact until much later, if at all.Read More »Penny drops and the light stays on