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What’s in #YourJar ?

It’s a blog game

called #YourJar


This is a blog challenge for everyone to join in with- whether you are a learner or teacher (and that covers pretty much everyone!) this one is for you. Chrissi Nerantzi proposed the idea as an in-person activity for the 2016 UK National Teaching Fellow’s Symposium. It worked well in person, and it will work well online too. Here’s the challenge:

Everyone gathers three things to put in a real or figurative jam jar. This is #YourJar and the things in it represent some aspect of your learning or teaching. (If you were in a conference setting, everyone would put their jars on a table, labelled with names on the bottom, and people would select a jar that looked interesting and then seek out the person to find out the story behind the objects.) For this blog topic game everyone can post a photo of the jar, or of three things in a glass if you have no jar – and then you describe them. Explain and say why you have chosen those things? You can be as intuitive or erudite as you like.

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