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I wrote three books!

Yes I Can: Learn to use the Power of Self-efficacy is for everyone. It is not an academic book. It is not a music book. It is a book to change your life and open your eyes. It will invite you to think differently and teach you how to see the world in metacognitive technicolour. (I promise that’s explained inside the pages, in simple, and enjoyable ways!) (available as an eBook, Paperback, and Audiobook)

Fostering Self-efficacy for Higher Education Students is specifically for teachers and learners across all disciplines. It is not a music-specific book. This is available as a paper book through external sites.


California Dreaming is a story of learning and life. It’s a true-story (eBook) about a journey my students took me on, how we came together, and how it changed our lives. This is available via external sites, or to download on this site.