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A new beginning -OR- Keep on running at the crossroads

I feel like the title to this post could be read by the voice from the old Hannah Barbara cartoons, you know the ones with wacky races or danger mouse and the commentator who says, ‘will our protagonist save the day or will he become the next pudding’? There’s no race here though, but the earth keeps turning and I’m ever aware that there is no standing still. At this time of year, I feel the crossroads where endings and beginnings melt together so quickly. Sometimes I crave that chance to just stop. and. look around.

I don’t think I’m wired that way somehow. Read More »A new beginning -OR- Keep on running at the crossroads

Remember and celebrate

The repetition of experience re-minds us that “I”, more often than not, forget. We won’t remember unless we participate in some regular repetitive form of remembering, what is often referred to as a discipline, a practice, or a ritual. Daniel Budd

-from The Daily Stillness. (2 min read) I know this is the second post inspired by that website, and that’s ok. These few lines, combined with reading Kate Bowles post and all the comments, and getting ready for a run all made me think. Her post is completely beautifully written and the comments reflect on
reflecting (verging on metacognition, I love that) – about being left-handed. I am left handed so it is curious when people who aren’t take the time to consider it. This is not about left-handedness, but about taking the time to consider.Read More »Remember and celebrate