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Making a difference

A good friend of mine is studying the ‘pedagogy of small’. She’s looking at some ideas that people sometimes dismiss, but they are so important.

Even If They Are Small.

In today’s connected world it is possible to think BIG. Global, and even beyond. Pictures from the edges of the galaxy are not beyond our reach. Aim high, go far, but, what is the goal, and does it scale?

In connecting, there is a genuine and personal something – something to be given and/or something to be received. Not all situations have both, and it is possible to have a sliding scale combining these components.

There is something wonderful about a thing given or received, and either can be done intentionally or unintentionally. By design sometimes we can plan to impact others, as teachers we can be showers, doers, leaders, companions, peers, walking together. Sometimes just by being kind individuals, bowing gracefully to the humanity of others, we can give, simply by respecting others, acknowledging, listening, being present.

The impact of giving cannot be known, and the gift (if it is a gift) will leave us once it is out hands. If we hold on to it, then it is somehow not a gift.

What’s the point of having to always let go? To believe in the giving. To believe in the possibilities of people.