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Containers (part 2) and Harvesting feeds in #el30 Week 2

It’s coursework day for me and I did two things: Watched the video on Applications, Algorithms and Data: Open Educational Resources and the Next Generation of Virtual Learning and I sorted harvesting the course feeds in both Feedly and gRSShopper, which was a suggested task to go with this week. This post is divided into two sections, to address each of these in turn and I promise to use headings so it is easy to navigate (that means if you want to skip to whatever interests you, that’s ok too.) My earlier posts for #el30 can be found HERE. Read more

Installing gRSShopper for #el30

Today I took advantage of that extra hour when the clocks went back and everyone else was asleep and got stuck into some more of the #el30 materials. I started by reading this article/page on Linked Open Data and thought maybe I could contribute. Then I read more, opening this article by Tim Burners-Lee, and my brain was being squeezed a bit like when an octopus goes through a very tiny opening, but not so successfully in my case.

I moved on to watch the next video for Stephen Downes’ cmooc #el30. This one was about how to install gRSShopper. Now I do have a technical mind, but I haven’t moved with the times and got left behind in the second year of calculus in high school and never really got to grips with coding past basic. (yes, basic, but heck, that’s fun too.) Here’s the spoiler though – I DID IT!!!! and if I can, you can too!! Read more