Yes I Can: From Ideas to Print Workshop

Laura holding a copy of her book

I was very pleased to give this workshop seminar on writing my book for the International Federation of National Teaching Fellows on 21/22 April, 2021. The date spans two days because there were people in attendance from all over the world, and we crossed the international date line.

The session abstract read:

Laura Ritchie presents the journey of ideas to print, including finding your writing voice, considering the audience, the content, allowing personal permission to write freely, and then accepting the risk of allowing criticism during the editing process. Motivation, consistency, accountability, and endurance are unpicked, alongside the exciting achievement of arriving at the last word and moving toward publication. This talk is peppered with practical exercises to help you with your writing. Finally, Laura discusses her experience with publishing her book as an ebook, paperback, and audio book.

It was a wonderful and inspiring gathering of thinkers, and you can enjoy watching the the full hour-long recording here:

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