Resonance Recording

This recording was my final Lockdown project. Jill Jarman composed this work for me in 2014, and we never made a formal recording of it. Although lockdown was very confining, it was also an excellent opportunity to focus, practice, and finally film it.

While students were not allowed on campus, I was allowed to borrow cameras from the university and set up to film and record in my house. There was a lot of learning (about cameras) involved, and I detailed some of the process in an earlier post on Resonance and Making Music: HERE The best part was the back-and-forth with the composer, Jill, in preparation for the recording. Enjoy!

When you read the text at the start of the video (and in the description), you will see this work was composed around the principles of cymatics, and is intended to be accompanied by visuals. If there’s anyone out there who happens to have a cymatics machine or specialist knowledge… please do get in touch!

Jill intended Resonance to be a three-movement work; we would both like to secure funding for the creation of the second and third movements.

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