Yes I Can Book out on January 10!

In two weeks my new book will be out! That is exciting. Anyone who has written a book will tell you it is a labour of love. This book took nearly a year to write, edit, and compile. So much learning. That’s what it’s about really- the book, I mean – all about the learning and possibility realised – and as for theYes I Can, well, I did!

TheYes starts with a seed of belief – called self-efficacy, which is admittedly a fancy term, but so worth the time to understand it, and not at all hard to understand. Sometimes people like to make things ‘difficult’, for example, the composer Mahler famously said his 6th Symphony it was a ‘hard nut to crack’. Self-efficacy is not a hard anything to crack, it’s far more like a daisy. It grows. It is there and sometimes we don’t see it. Sometimes we adore it and notice the beauty. And other times we inadvertently step on it.

This book is all about this seed of a self-belief and how it works – how to see it, nurture it, not step on it, and how you can make it work for you. Self-efficacy is something we all have, part of the way we think. -And today, more than ever, it makes sense to know your own mind.

I’m not going to tell you what’s in the book here. You can read the blurb or even listen to the introduction on this page. Instead, I’m going to tell you a little bit about my process.

I wake up…

flooded with thoughts, ideas, and words. When I let them, they spill onto the page and if I time it right, they don’t spill at all but flow, carving paths and making little rivulets (<– that’s one of those great words I never thought I might use in a sentence, but did! and that just made me smile! Cool word 🙂 ) Words are the medium for ideas to form in a way I can share. They are the externalisation of thoughts, understandings, of perspective. The thing is, I know I am good at explaining, at communicating, and at learning, and so in putting down my words is a way I can show.

Some poeple know I trained in music. (trained in other things too, but people tend to ‘see’ me with a cello) This is not at all a music book, but there is an analogy coming, so hang in there – in music we tend to do stuff alone, like practicing: make those squeaks in private please. In other areas, like sport, we do things in the open. Can you imagine any child being given a soccer ball and being sent to their room to ‘practice’ until they could play the game?? No! They are encouraged to fumble about on the field, tripping, kicking, slipping and all with encouragement, guidance, and with others.

Self-efficacy is like that.

Self-efficacy is actually the ball, the instrument, the breath we use for our words in life – and nobody trains us in it. In the book I take you into my experience to show what people don’t normally get to see – have a walk inside my mind and then learn to walk in your own. Learn to find those beliefs, notice the daisies before they just get mowed and put in with the rubbish.Daisy border

At the core of it, there is so much each of us can do, and I have no idea what happens when the doors open. Hopefully we walk through into…

well for me it’s usually into the dawn. If you’re ever here, you are more than welcome to come with me.

and in the meantime, treat yourself and pre-order the book! 🙂


Daisy image CC BY-NC by Fiona in Eden


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