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Cello Weekend 2020

Saturday / Sunday April 18-19

Time: 10am-4:30pm

Venue: University of Chichester

  • Workshops
  • Masterclasses
  • Cello orchestra
  • Chamber music


The Chichester Cello Weekend, organised by Professor Laura Ritchie, brings cellists keen to develop their performing skills, technique, and musical appreciation together for a remarkable weekend of music making. All music is arranged to suit participants’ individual levels, and everyone plays in a fantastic cello-orchestra that rehearses throughout the two days. Sunday’s 4:30pm gala concert is open to friends and family.

Music includes from arrangements of popular hits to Bach to a contemporary gamified piece of music by Rebecca Askew and a special commission for the group by Bruno Newman. Participants will have opportunities to work with composers, to play solos for our guest artists: Ivana Peranic and Emma Collingham, and to participate in workshops on working with an accompanist and chamber music, where they can experience playing with a piano trio.

Participant fees: £35 students, £55 adults.                   Book online:

For more information contact Laura on

Some more specifics:

During the weekend we will begin with everyone playing as an orchestra and throughout the two days there will be different sessions to break up the day. During these sessions participants will have a choice of exploring sessions. People may choose to play (literally) Rebecca Askew’s composition or to attend a workshop by Ben Lathbury on working with an accompanist, or to slot into the cellist’s chair and play with the Chichester Chamber Ensemble (Laura’s trio with Ben Lathbury and Nataly Corolscaia). There will be multiple masterclass sessions to watch or participate in and chamber music opportunities for all to play trios and quartets with other participants and music will be provided.

After registering online, I will contact participants to get details about playing level, whether people would like to play in the masterclasses, and any special needs or requests for the weekend. All music will be sent out in advance so people can have a look and feel comfortable with their parts.

Parking is free at the University at the weekend. If you need overnight parking, I will have to arrange this – contact me! If you are traveling from afar, there are great B&Bs locally via AirB&B. Participants bring their own lunches and drinks, and I provide healthy snacks.

For full details about our guests see the extended page here.

If you have any questions, please do contact me!

I know this is going to be a great weekend!

Laura 🌸

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