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A Six Word Story:


Spring Tulips


My Mind



I was encouraged to write a story, and I thought oh there are so many stories, thoughts, ideas – they burst out of the ground and the challenge is to somehow catch them in words – and then write those down. A field of tulips grows in my mind, and they are beautiful. I will write them down. That’s the quest…





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  1. Kathy Lasecki #

    Funny you should post this..I have 2 Christmas cactus..neglected for ever. Yesterday I went by them..amazement..there are buds which will be flowers on both of them!! Think life is like that..forget something in deep recess of mond, and something triggers a thought..which in turn blooms into a memory or live event bringing joy. Am eagerly awaiting those flowers!!

    December 7, 2019
  2. For me, story words are most often dandelions.

    Tulips we choose. Dandelions choose us.

    They waft in as nearly invisible seeds on a downy umbrella. By June, the tiny seed has developed an impressive tap root with a rosette of green. Soon thereafter, their story shines bright in the summer sun, crowding in on our otherwise well-groomed lawn of thought, demanding attention.

    December 7, 2019
    • Laura #

      I love both of these sentiments. I love the thought of choosing tulips and also the idea that there would be stories that grow so numerous and we are drawn to notice them. Here’s to tending the gardens in our minds.

      December 8, 2019

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