Concert Time! IRL and Online

On Sunday, February 4th I’m giving a concert at the University of Chichester. It will be an afternoon of cello, and I am very fortunate to be accompanied by Music Alumni, Simon Arthurs on the 1876 Steinway Fancy D piano, and we will be joined by Natalia Corolscaia, on violin, for the final two pieces. The programme includes Bach, Boccherini, Chopin, Elgar, and Piazzolla. There is no entry charge – and for those of you who might be far away, we will be streaming the concert (link below).

For the past few years I have run an International Experience module where students take their learning to across the world, literally. This year we are going to Los Angeles to teach music to various groups. A small group of students will come with me and they have planned their teaching- they have a great goal that involves raising some money: When we teach in LA, leading ukulele and singing workshops, we want to give each of the groups we work with a set of ukuleles for their class to keep.

In the spirit of good fundraising, I’m helping out too with this concert. If you can make it in person FAB! It really is free (with a retiring collection to fund those instruments and support the trip!). If you can’t make it, join me remotely! I’ll be live-streaming it using the uni’s lecture recording software via this link:

You can support us with any sized donation via this link. And you can read a bit about the students coming with me.

In LA we’ll be teaching at a suburban primary school outside of Hollywood, a school in the heart of Los Angeles, and we’ll be teaching UCLA students who spend their summers working at UniCamp. UCLA UniCamp is a non-profit camp that has serviced the Greater LA area for the past 85 years. They take campers from under-served populations and take them to a residential summer camp experience and provide them with a camp experience they wouldn’t otherwise be able to have while teaching them the importance of higher education and tools needed to combat current social issues. All of the camp counsellors are UCLA student volunteers that train over 100 hours in preparation for their session of camp.

It would be amazing to be able to donate instruments to these schools  and to UniCamp after we work with them. Hope you can donate £1 (or more!) to the cause and hope to see you at the concert!



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