What can you do? looking ahead to 2018

At this time of year, there are countless reviews – looking back, the year in brief, the best moments… It is important to look back, to review and reflect, but also to move forward. Yes you can are three very powerful words. I wonder if we hear these enough? Do we say them to our families? Do we say them to our friends? Do we say them to ourselves?

Saying them is the first step. Living them comes with time.

There is an art to progress, and perhaps it is a delicate blend of the details and the doing. That doesn’t make sense by itself, but imagine the scene:

The tree growing its leaves: each leaf has incredible detail, but the leaf doesn’t make a tree, but it would be impossible to have the tree without the leaves, and the quality of the details makes the whole so much more rich.

As a person, each has a sort of tree – whether in an obvious form like art where you are actually creating something, or in the non-visible creations between people. Conversations build word by word to become the basis of understanding and friendship. Empathy by recognising the other in you when genuinely you feel something of their feelings, their situation.

Even as individuals, with our own private hills of beans, we matter. We impact. It is important for each of us, looking forward to the new year (to each new day) to reinforce, Yes You Can to ourselves. I will, and I’m sure I am going to fall down. There will be times when I’ll need help, and when I do I’ll remind myself, yes you can ask for help. I will probably cry, but I will laugh too. I will achieve and I will make a difference.

Do congratulate yourself on your accomplishments in 2017. Making it through a year like this is definitely something, but let’s look forward. As we wake to a new year let’s work toward good, harmony, peace, togetherness, and creating wonderful things. When you wonder if you dare and question if you’ll fail… remember to give yourself the strength and confidence to start:

Yes, you can.

Images taken by me on 7 March and 8 April, 2017. CC-BY


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