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A Mad-lib Burst of Creativity

I love a good story, and hopefully my students will too! Tomorrow we meet for one last session at the end of the term. At this time of year tensions run high. There are huge expectations on people and with exams and concerts looming, we could all use a little light-hearted silliness.

I made my class a little game: A Mad-lib (I made more games too, but thought I’d share this one)

This was a thing when I was growing up. They were like small 20 page storybooks, where every page was a new story, but there were word-blanks on all the pages. It is a game where one person has the ‘script’ and the other provides words to fill in the gaps. It results in a silly, often non-sensical story. I love it. Have a go and see what you come up with!


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