2016 in Review

A review? I thought – ‘nah… and how could I crystalise a year in a few words?’ but then it began to form, and here is one of the shortest posts I’ve written:

2016 was the year I believed myself – listened to my own thinking/teaching.

Some context: 2015 was the year dreams began to come true. Where I said ‘why don’t we…’ and it happened. I wrote my first book – all about how to make those dreams happen for students – how to embed the self-belief in their learning, to enable them to achieve, so they could do what they dream. I told them yes you can! -In 2015 I wrote it and I taught it.

In 2016 I began to believe it for myself. There is a difference between knowing and believing and believing is nothing without doing. I became more of an active learner than ever. Lots of doing involved (for example I wrote another book), and lots more doing and learning to come, but it is amazing what can even begin to be accomplished when you (I) don’t get in your own way.

How will the seeds you have planted grow this year? 

 Image by me 15 Oct, 2016 CC-SA

Featured image titled “Leaves from the book of life” CC BY-NC-SA by Walter A. Aue


  1. Ken Bauer

    “How will the seeds you have planted grow this year?”.

    I love this Laura and I think it is important for us to not just look back a year but a few years. Often the changes we already made are still growing and need tending.

    I wish you the best in 2017.

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