What makes you tick? Musical inspiration

This is the last of our three sessions for the Connected Classes project and this week the class decided to celebrate moments/people/events that were pivotal in their musical development.

I set about gathering these moments (anonymously) from anyone and everyone, and it was funny (odd) to be met with such varied reactions. I had everything from blank faced looks to nervous laughter at the idea that I was interested in what made them musically tick.

Maybe I am unusual, but I think it is important to celebrate the good, even if it is not always fashionable and certainly as a student sometimes it is hard to recognise that even though we aren’t there yet, there are things to celebrate. Remembering that spark- whether it was something that happened as a child or later in life, that can be a valuable reminder of why we do what we do. I’m not sure if it’s cultural conditioning that we don’t always readily acknowledge the good that we do, but this has been a valuable learning experience for me – about the way people engage.

I had very few replies at first, and then when I made a personal connection- either online or in person, people were 100% happy and even pleased to share something. The nice thing was that in all of the cases where I personally recorded the account, the person telling the story ended with a big smile on their face. It has been worth it, and although this compilation was done in a week, I will keep the project going.

Audio file is below. There are 20 different moments in it – enjoy!

My questions for you as you tweet are:

Do you notice any themes in the different accounts? Does anything stand out for you? Can you relate to anything in particular? 

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Featured image CC BY-NC by Peter Lee

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