IVTChat 2 Hey Daddy-O! (Talking to parents)

If anyone is joining us for the first time, this session is part of the Connecting Classes project and it is designed to augment conversations between students, and across the wider profession and community. For this reason, you should all feel most welcome to join in! You can have a cheeky listen in advance if you like, but please join us:

 Thursday 28 April 10:15 am

for a real-time listen and tweet session. After everyone has had a chance to listen, rewind, comment, and consider the interviews I will gather a Storify and share it.

Let’s see where the conversation takes us! 

Well this week we turn the tables. As teachers, and especially as new teachers, we tend to think a lot about the student, the lesson, the content, but today I challenge people to think about the wider picture. What about the family? What happens at home? What happens when your student leaves the lesson room?

We hear from 8 different parents. (no agenda here, just whatever they wanted to say- it’s a discussion starter for us) I asked them for comments on their children’s music lessons. I said that it could be anything. There are some exemplary practices, and some secrets that the teacher certainly never knew. Overall I hope you listen to the entire 17:30 mins because they are all valuable for a teacher to hear – for any teacher to hear. These are about music lessons, yes, but you could easily transfer the subject matter to anything that the student has to do at home or in their own time.

Understanding someone’s perspective is a valuable asset to effective and inspiring teaching. Remember teaching is about them after all. As you listen please tweet comments, questions, and any suggestions you may have. We are using both the #CClasses and #IVTChat hashtags.

Timestamps in case you want to rewind and listen to any section again:

  • Intro: (me speaking!)
  • Parent 1: 1:06
  • Parent 2: 2:53
  • Parent 3: 4:02
  • Parent 4: 4:29
  • Parent 5: 7:05
  • Parent 6: 8:35
  • Parent 7: 10:21
  • Parent 8: 13:23

Let’s get tweeting! Remember your hashtags: #CClasses #IVTChat

Featured image CC BY-NC-ND by achelms4

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