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California Dreamin’

I’ve had another adventure in learning and teaching… and sometimes when things are so good, it is hard to begin to put them on paper. This post is a glimpse.

I’ll call it: ‘Part 1: Of Many’

I know that my students will have to carve their places in the world of music- that there are few traditional ‘jobs’ that exist anywhere. Graduates don’t walk out of education and walk into a single full time secure job in music. Part of what I do is work to develop experiences that hold a bank of skills so that as people progress they can build their metaphorical pantry. …With shelves full of ingredients someone can make more than a PB&J sandwich in the restaurant of their musical lives. I like (and feel the need) to grow and develop my repertoire of musical skills and experiences. Read more

Essays are not just for Christmas

Today is a big day,


(1 min read) My students will present in a research series at my university. I had the idea last semester when they submitted final essays for my Psychology of Learning and Teaching class. One was so good I found myself taking notes on it, and then I got thinking-


Hey, what happens when you are a student?

Well, you go to class and do the assessment and sometimes that’s it.


It just so happened these essays were due just before the December Holidays and so I usually get a stack of work to take home as my sort of ‘present’ from the students. Read more