Mind the (Learning) Gap !

Yesterday I found myself running.

running from a lecture to the train

running from the train to the tube

running to another meeting

running to reply to the emails


and running

and running

and then I stopped.

I have a weekly meeting that, at the moment, keeps me grounded in hope, friendship, and a shared vision.

I had one of those moments when the person I was talking with held up a metaphorical mirror and I stopped.

I stopped and saw that sometimes in a semester learning is like running, and we (I) think there is a finish line, we (I) think we can see that finish line, and if we (or the students) fall off the track – sometimes we haven’t really fallen off  but we are just running in a different way – in slow motion for a moment, in reflection for a moment. Breathing for a moment.

I have had a few of those ‘mirror’ moments in the past few weeks, and they have made a huge difference to my learning. I am so glad someone stopped me so I could see that gap, and the learning that happens there.

Now I need to learn to give my students the space to have their time, and to sometimes stop running.

Mind the (learning) Gap !


  1. Billie

    I never thought about it this way, it is a lovely metaphor. To add a little something, from personal experience. I think it is important that we change direction a little, or pause. If you decide to take a route and begin running towards it, along the way thoughts, idea’s and emotions change. If you are not given the time to pause for second, how do you really know that it is still the route you wish to take. Change happens everyday, internally and externally. Sometimes we push and run in a direction because we ‘used’ to want to. Taking that time can remind you why you want to keep running, or it can make you realise that sometimes it’s okay to go a different way, or perhaps even for a while. Just stop.

    Yesterday, I wanted less. Today I have wanted more. Tomorrow,I’ll wish for yesterday.

  2. Kevin Hodgson

    On the other side of these
    ‘mirror’ moments
    my reflection shakes its head
    at me,
    as if wondering where it is
    I am running to
    in such a hurry that I forgot
    I was even here
    in this quiet passing of time,
    barely catching my reflection’s eyes
    as I hurried past,
    leaving the moment behind ..

    PS – I like to lift lines for poems as comments. Thanks for reminding me to slowdownnnnnnnn.

    1. Post

      Thank you Kevin. That is an absolutely lovely response. It’s one I will certainly keep coming back to – until I see that reflection smiling at me. 🙂

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