The fish lady and the free lunch

No such thing as a free lunch?

(1-2 min read) Nope, they definitely got that one wrong. This is my story of the fantastic random act of kindness the fish lady bestowed on me yesterday…

On Friday at the university where I work there was a sort of food fair, and besides all the free packs of crisps, popcorn, and energy drinks, there were a few curious stalls. One was a complete cornucopia of veg and the other was a whole chiller display of fresh fish. I mean a proper chiller thing, like you get at a grocery store.

I did get some of the freebies to take home to my kids, and spoke to the stall holders who said they had been all round the country doing this for the past week and they loved putting a smile on people’s faces when they realised that they could just *have* something. So what was up with the fish lady?? She said that many uni students didn’t really know what real fish looked like. Of course they ate fish and chips, but could they recognise a whole cod? (actually that was one of the fish I did not know) It was a great idea. She had oysters, sea bass, Dover sole, plaice, cod, sardines, and at least six others, and then my eye fell on the salmon. It stretched across two bits of this chiller thing. I commented on how really nice all the fish looked, and she told me that it was a shame it had to go after the display – as the electrics weren’t working and she had the fish on ice…. so was going to offer them to the uni chef, but wasn’t completely sure if they would/could be used, and in reply, I offered to re-home the salmon… thinking this was a jolly sort of comment, and


IMG_1968I think I looked at her with the disbelief of a thousand disbelieving disbelievers, and that disbelief changed to amazement. I don’t think I have ever had a more fun time cycling home, that on Friday with a giant salmon, wrapped in paper and whatever plastic bags I could find, flapping half out of my bike panniers. And today we cooked it – and had to cut it in two just to fit in in the oven, and after lunch with our family and the grandparents, there is still 5.4 lbs of untouched salmon left. That was one giant fish! So not only did we have a free lunch, but we will also have a free supper, another lunch, and plenty of fishcakes in the freezer.

There is a lot of kindness out there, and I sincerely hope that chef was able to cook the rest of the fish for the uni students, because our salmon was gorgeous.

So to that kind lady I said with great sincerity and a huge smile- so long, and thanks for all the fish.



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